Another Week of Advocy in Whatever Ways You Can

Another week of advocacy in whatever ways you can:  
Call or fax or write CMR to NOT support Trumpcare.  It will leave millions without health insurance, now CONFIRMED by the CBO report that came out yesterday.  Those millions will still require HEALTH CARE.   They will not be able to afford even the most basic health coverage like preventive medicine — resulting in cascading declines in health that will be covered in the private sector — resulting in higher costs to us through higher insurance premiums.  So the HUGE savings to the government that Ryan et al are spouting will go to the VERY rich while the increasing health care costs will be shifted to, once again, the American People.  We all lose.  Well, almost all of us……..
So make your calls and faxes to CMR!!  National Switchboard. 202-225-3121.
Last week, two Republican Members of Congress went on television to promote the disastrous repeal bill and admitted that they have no idea how many of their constituents are currently insured under the Affordable Care Act—embarrassing!1 This week, make sure Congress knows just how many of us there are standing indivisible against their rushed, impractical, and unjust legislation. House and Senate Republicans are trying to repeal the ACA before the next big recess begins April 7. We’re not going to allow that to happen. Your work is already making a difference,2 and we just need to keep the pressure on.

Health care repeal update:

House Republicans moved their repeal bill ahead in the House Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce Committees this week without a score from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) revealing how much the bill is going to cost. So much for all that talk of fiscal responsibility!
The score will be coming as soon as today, and Republicans know it’s going to be bad—that’s why they’re already at work trying to undermine the CBO.3 Meanwhile, a study by the Brookings Institution estimates that at least 15 million Americans will lose health insurance.4 This is completely unacceptable—and your MoCs need to keep hearing that message from you.

Need resources on the health care bill? Unlike Republicans, we’ve got you covered.

  • We’ve collected all our materials on health care together so that you can find our brand new script plus talking points, district-level data, legislative process explainers, and more in one place: Save the ACA.
  • Last week, we joined up with health care experts from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Families USA, and Planned Parenthood Action for an emergency call providing an overview of the American Health Care Act and what you can do to stop the repeal of the ACA. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording here.
  • Make sure you know where your MoC stands with this handy tracker from NPR.

More Capitol Hill highlights

Want more to talk about with your MoCs’ offices this week after you’re done reminding them how you feel about saving health care? We’ve got a few suggestions:
  • In the House of Representatives: Stop the secrecy around Trump’s taxes.
    We’re all still being kept in the dark about Trump’s conflicts of interest—including information that could be important to revealing further ties between Trump and Russia. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry (H.Res. 186) directing the Treasury Secretary to provide to the House of Representatives Trump’s tax returns from 2006 through 2015, as well as other financial documentation. If you think that Trump’s tax returns need to be made public, tell your MoC to cosponsor H.Res. 186. Here’s our background and script for asking your Representative to cosponsor the resolution.
  • In the Senate: The Most Boring and Dangerous Bills You’ve Never Heard Of.
    Yes, even as former congressional staffers, our eyes glaze over at the mention of “regulatory rollback.” You know who doesn’t think this is boring? Corporate lobbyists—and they’re hoping you don’t notice. The Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act (H.R. 998) would create an unelected board to make recommendations to Congress on cutting regulations. This may not sound like a big deal—but it is. It’s a quiet way to give big business a big gift: the end of regulations essential to protecting our environment, health, and workplace safety. This bill has already passed the House and is currently before the Senate: here’s our script for telling your Senator to vote NO on this dangerous legislation.
    As if that weren’t bad enough, the Senate is also considering the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act (S. 21), which requires congressional approval for a huge number of regulations. This bill would put corporate lobbyists in the driver’s seat—taking aim at the health and safety protections Americans depend on. REINS is a truly reactionary, fundamental reworking of the federal government, and not in a fun way. It’s been called “the most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of.”5
Extra credit: want to learn more about the legislative process? We’ve got a new explainer on House of Representatives Committee Action.

Looking ahead: Stop Gorsuch

America has never been more in need of an independent judiciary. With President Trump escalating his attacks on our most basic rights, the courts are our last safeguard. And with the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, a right-wing apologist (more conservative than Scalia!),6 to the Supreme Court, Trump has made it clear that he hopes to enshrine his agenda through our nation’s judiciary too.
That’s why we’ve joined The People’s Defense, a campaign bringing together grassroots activists to fight the appointment of any Supreme Court Justice who will not stand up to this president. Gorsuch’s first hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee is March 20, and Senate Republicans are trying to force a final vote before Senators go home during the April recess to face you. It’s time to step up our game.
  • Visit The People’s Defense and read about why Gorsuch is bad for American families. Use this information to call your Senators and tell them to oppose Neil Gorsuch. Spread the word on social media, at your Indivisible meetings, and with your friends and family on why Gorsuch is a dangerous pick for an independent judiciary.

Need some inspiration?

Last week, local group Indivisible Austin and Spotzen Film released I Stand Indivisible, a bold, powerful video featuring group members from all walks of life speaking about what brought them to the Indivisible movement, what they’re fighting for, and their confidence that when we stand indivisible, we’re capable of creating change. It’s a must-see, and we hope it inspires you as much as it’s inspired us.

This is the part where we ask you for money (again)

Want to see something amazing? Watch this Rachel Maddow segment last week, which shows that constituents across the country are asserting their power and convincing their MoCs (even Republicans like Tom Cotton!) to oppose the ACA repeal bill.
The evidence is very clear: This. Is. Working.
On top of your activism, your previous donation has allowed us to keep the website online, hold emergency calls to fight against repeal of ACA, and respond to thousands of questions from activists all over the country. In the last seven days alone, our website got over half a million pageviews. More than 30,000 people have RSVPed for nearly 2,000 events on our centralized map since it went live. Your support is making this possible—thank you.
Thank you for believing in us. If you chip in another few bucks, know that you’ll be helping us build this movement. We want to help you create more Tom Cotton moments and save health care for millions of Americans—and we’re going to do it together.
We have everything we need to stop the repeal bill: your strength as constituents, standing indivisible. We can and we will win.
In solidarity,
The Indivisible Guide team

Nonviolence Guidelines

Golie Jansen asked that I post this email from a member of the Individible group:

I was able to attend a workshop last night hosted by the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane on the Role of the Peacekeeper at marches, rallies and other types of gatherings where community members are exercising their First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. We have several potentially large events that will be held in our community this weekend and early next week and the following from PJALS’ website should be helpful to all of us now and in the coming years as we continue to be part of the Resistance:__________________________

In the traditions of Mahatma Gandhi, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, Utah Philips, and millions of people all over the world, our work for justice and peace is founded in principles and practice of active nonviolence.

Nonviolence Guidelines
Our nonviolence guidelines are just one example of our practice of active nonviolence.
As a participant in a PJALS action, I agree to abide by and reflect upon these commitments:

1. At all times, we will use our anger at injustice as a positive nonviolent force for change. Our attitude will be one of nonviolence, openness, friendliness, and respect toward all we encounter. We will convey this through words, symbols, and actions.

2. We will refuse to return the assaults—verbal or physical—of those who oppose or disagree with us. We will protect those who oppose us from insults and attack.

3. As participants in a nonviolent event, we will follow the directions of the designated coordinators. In the event of a serious disagreement, we will remove ourselves from the gathering.

4. We will refrain from insults and swearing. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person. We will not carry anything that could be construed as a weapon.

5. We will not run or use threatening motions. We will not damage any property. We will not bring or use alcohol or illegal drugs.

Movie Challenge

I recently watched the movie, “I am not Your Negro”, a documentary based upon 30 pages of notes for a proposed novel that James Baldwin sent to his publisher about the lives of Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King and Malcom X.   I do not recall a more powerful movie. James Baldwin directly asks, “Why do you need a nigger?”  and suggests that white people live in a fantasy and maintain a standard of living that requires others to be subservient.  And when they refuse to be subservient or stand up for themselves in any manner, they are faced with a rage and fear by white men that results in violence and death.  He is surprised that African Americans have not been eliminated by genocide in the face of this fear by a morally bankrupt majority.

For me, it was like having a mirror held in front of me. It demanded that I not only take action, but that I enter into relationship with those that are in a more vulnerable place in our world.  Not so that I can help them but so that I can face myself more clearly as a privileged white male and begin to take the steps to address the injustice necessary to support my standard of living.

If you have seen this movie, I invite your comments/reactions.   If you have not I challenge you to do so.

Spokane Indivisible Advocacy Action Workshop

Spokane Indivisible will be holding its first Monthly Advocacy Action
Workshop!  We have secured a small venue with a capacity of 45, so
PLEASE let us know asap if you are interested in attending by
responding to this email.  We are giving our email folks first notice
and will post to our FB pages on Thursday.

Sunday, Feb 26th, 2017
Unitarian Universalist Church, 4340 W Fort George Wright Dr.
6:00p – 8:00p
Speaker:  Dr. Richard Martin
Topic: The Personal Protection and Affordable Care Act
We will also provide an overview of the Indivisible Guide and how our
group started.  And we will, of course, have time for sharing
thoughts, frustrations, and GREAT ideas!!!

If you are interested in attending please respond to Golie by emailing her at:

Town Hall Meeting

A town hall meeting has been arranged by FUSE on February 28th.    Please Facebook link:

Lee from FUSE writes: The room holds 1400 people and we want to fill it up.  Whether or not CMR plans to attend, we plan to have testimonials from people and if she isn’t there, we will deliver the testimonials to her.  We are collaborating with every group we can find.

I hope your group can attend!  And pass the word to any other groups you know.



Michaele asked for this to be posted:

I just sent postcards to our state representatives in Washington DC urging them to demand a thorough investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign and administration. This is a serous threat to our democracy and national security. I invite group members to join me in making calls and sending letters/postcards about this issue.

Upcoming Actions

Golie Jansen asked that this be posted from the local Indivisible Group:
This morning I was listening to Tom Ashbrook and On Point (one of my favorite shows) talking with a former US ambassador to Russia, and one of the more chilling things said was that loss of democracy happens in small incremental ways.  So we must be ever vigilant and continue to be active in the Resistance – even as we experience resistance fatigue – in whatever ways we can.  Calls and Faxes (every day). Neighborhood Huddles (one noted below). Postcard Parties. Marches. Rallies (Planned Parenthood Saturday; World Relief Sunday). Visits to MoCs offices (FUSE and PJALS next Monday). Signs in your windows.  Letters to the editor.  Financial support.  Attending workshops. Be informed!  Act on you passion.  Share with your friends and family and neighbors!  The resistance continues to grow.  We CANNOT afford to be silenced.
And now stepping off the soapbox…..
Some additional advocacy action items for our region:
  • Sunday, Feb 12th2-4PM. World Relief Rally with Refugees. Stand with the vulnerable to education and mobilize.  Gonzaga John J Hemmingson Center. 702 E Desmet Ave.  One of hundreds of rallies being organized around the nation to show President Bannon exactly who and what we stand for.
  • Saturday, Feb 11th. 3P.  Now We Huddle Spokane:  Northtown Mall.  Huddles are being organized around the country to gather together in neighborhoods and begin to transform the energy experienced at Women’s Marches into local and national action.  Huddles are designed to be positive, inclusive, and action-oriented local meetings where allies can gather together to define next steps as a movement and envision how to transform the energy of the Women’s Marches into local and national action.

  • Mon, Feb 13th.  PJALS.  CMR Office. 1p-3p.  Come join the PJALS delegation to the Washington Community Action Network McMorris Rodgers Action on Healthcare.  They will be rallying outside her office and a small delegation will be going in to the office to be heard. If you are interested in being part of that smaller delegation, please let PJALS know and will they put you into contact with WA CAN.

FYI we have heard from CMR constituents that her office has been closed.  Even so, we will be attending these two events in solidarity.  If her office is closed on Monday we hope the media will be present to document how CMR fails to respond to all of her constituents.

  • Feb 24 (6-9p) and Feb 25 (8a-5p).  $50.  Democracy School in Spokane put on by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  One of our members said this workshop was like “getting a Masters Degree in the Constitution in one workshop” and highly recommended attending.  Check out the CELDF website. For more information on the workshop and to register Click here.
Calls:  You can make direct calls 24/7 to the US Gov Switchboard at 202-225-3121.  Ask for your Members of Congress by name:  Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  You might speak with real interns who are overworked and running only on the fumes of Mountain Dew.  Be brief!  Your name, where you live, briefly what you are calling about (nominations; need to continue to scrutinize Russian involvement in our elections – and who knows what else; demand trump release his taxes; we could go on for pages…….).  Thank Senators Murray and Cantwell for their solidarity in voting against cabinet nominees.  CMR (DO NOT repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; DO NOT dismantle the EPA; DO NOT dismantle the Department of Education; PROTECT your constituents from dirty air and water; we could go on for pages……)
Calls:  EASY to use!!  They have all MoCs by state and congressional district.
Faxes:  EASY.  Use  You get five faxes per day FREE.  Fill out form online and they fax it directly to the offices of your MoCs.  AND you can certainly fax other state’s senators who are sitting members of committees.  AND Paul Ryan.  AND Mitch McConnell.
CURRENT ACTION:  I saw the Senate Committee on Homeland Security is still tallying votes on allowing Bannon on the National Security Council.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  Call any time:  202-224-4751.
And if you’re so inclined following Kellyanne Conway’s marketing of Ivanka Trump’s business:  Call the Govt Ethics Line:
202-482-9300.  Extension 5.
Postcards are now being mailed to President Bannon, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. 20500.  Print.  Take a pic. Post to FB.  Mail.  Very satisfying.  A national postcard mailing event is planned for March 15th. Pink. YOU’RE FIRED.  Make it a family event!
More to come soon on House and Senate bills to track.  Also more stats on CMR and the strategies we must craft and use and share to turn Washington’s 5th Congressional District BLUE once again!
Every day do something for yourself, your family, our community, our state, our nation.  It does make a difference.