More action this week.

This message is from Jerry Le Claire (  If you want to get these messages in an email, please email him, and he will put you on his list.

Dear Group,

We have one week left of having our MoCs mostly on our home turf, that is, not making mischief back in Washington and, at least theoretically, listening to our concerns.  There will be plenty of phone calling to do again next week when they’re back in action, but for this week feel free to keep up the calling habit by using, but you can also save you energy for the home front.
To that end, the two big “Do”s this week are Thursday night at the Moran Public Library and the Science March on Saturday afternoon.  See below for more detail on both of them.
It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but the weather is getting better and these activities are a great way to meet friendly people and discuss the issues of the day.  Plan them into your life wherever you can.
Fairly soon, if we are going to hope to make a real difference, we’re going to need to start thinking about precincts, precinct captains, candidates, campaigns, and voting.  Without that we go nowhere.  Some of that may not sound very appealing but it is the nuts and bolts of democracy.  We either learn and play the game or we are just subjected to the game.  More later.
Keep to the high ground.

Spokane Town Hall:  Moran Prairie Public Library, 6004 S Regal St, Spokane, WA 99223, Thursday, April 20 6-8PM.  Cathy McMorris Rodgers was invited well in advance, but likely will not appear.  Plan to come as a serious concerned constituent.  Think about preparing a statement/question.  Here’s the link:
Spokane March for Science:
April 22nd Earth Day!  1-5PM.  Meet at the Clock tower in Riverfront Park.  Bring your kids, your grandkids, your parents, your grandparents.  It will be fun, festive and fact-based.  Check out the link below, and read the comments.  I was at the first Earth Day…and I’m not willing to let all that slip away…


Nationwide, and  even bigger than Earth Day. 
Tribal Gathering Place (next to City Hall) at NOON.
SNAP, 3102 W. Fort George Wright Dr., Spokane, WA 99224 
Friday evening and Saturday, May 5 and 6.  
This is an in depth, mind-blowing, tour of our history, government, and social change.  
  • FREE SPEECH FRIDAYS (every Friday at 4pm at the South junction of Division and Ruby near Wendy’s), 
  • FIRST AMENDMENT SATURDAY.   First Sat of Every Month.  NOON.  Lincoln Statue, Downtown Spokane
  • RESIST TRUMP TUESDAYS.  11A.  Peyton Building 10N Post St. Spokane, WA

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