Not too late!

From Jerry Le Claire’s post.

Dear Group,

Reports are that Trump continues to lobby the Congress and has even take to Twitter to rally his supporters to call in and pressure their MoCs for this horrid bill. The Freedom Caucus continues to hold out—but may cave at the actual vote they still plan to hold later today or this evening.
Call Your Congresspeople. Jam the lines. Fill their offices with FAXes. You need not be elegant about why you oppose Trumpcare (AHCA). Let Labrador think you oppose it because it isn’t conservative enough. That’s OK. But tell them all in no uncertain terms that you think this is a hideous bill and you will remember if they vote for it.

Use and/or . Or call directly:

Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

Spokane Office (509) 353-2374
Colville Office (509) 684-3481
Walla Walla Office (509) 529-9358
D.C. Office (202) 225-2006

Then, if you can spare a half an hour. Go to their offices and tell them face-to-face. CMR’s office is at 10 N Post on the 6th floor of the Peyton Building. Folks objecting to this bill will be there from 9 to 4 today. While you’re there, stop by at the offices of Murray and Cantwell, thank them for their efforts and offer encouragement.
Keep to the high ground.

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