Notice of Actions from Spokane Indivisible

It has been another rough week for everyone (including the tr*mpster!).   I keep trying to orient myself to the New World Order and have taken to searching for other times in history when everything tipped upside down, just in case there might be clues on how to turn things right again. Luckily I landed on Ken Burn’s fabulous history of the Roosevelts (and I encourage everyone to revisit this documentary!).  FDR (and Eleanor) had the gift of vision and the gift of knowing how to effect change in the hearts of the people:  fireside chats; long and difficult trips across the country becoming part of the lives of Americans, even if just for a few minutes; showing Americans in abstract and tangible ways that “The Government” can provide assistance and opportunities for the GREATER GOOD.  And it worked!!  So even though we are in the New World Order with “The Government” now receding into the vapors of greed, I believe we should learn from one of the great lessons of FDR and Eleanor that positive change is effected through DOOR KNOBS – opening them, putting leaflets on them, connecting with our fellow neighbors and citizens.  We all want the same basic FREEDOMS – freedom to choose, to be healthy, to care for our families, to grow.  These freedoms are precious and can only be protected through the constant vigilance of ordinary citizens. Us.  Not someone else. Every Day.  We truly can’t lose the vision or passion or our children will never experience the freedoms we still hold dear.  
Luckily there are MANY ways to be involved!!  Alone, with friends, with a crowd.  Conversations, calls, faxes, letters, postcards, social media, door knobs.  We still have the freedom, so pick one or many and make your voices heard!! 
Upcoming Special Workshop hosted by Spokane Indivisible:
Join Spokane Indivisible with Dr. Jerry LeClaire at our next monthly workshop covering the new and horrid Un-American Health Care Act: what is covered, who loses, who gains (not us). Thursday, March 23rd, 6:30p – 8:30p. Riverview Retirement Community, 1801 E Upriver Drive. Space is limited. RSVP to for more details.
Continued Outrages for Action  – this is Day #59!
=Use – online or via phone.  They provide everything, including scripts!
=Use (my favorite – allows me to be more articulate regarding my particular outrage)
=Call the National Switchboard.  202-225-3121.  24h/day all week!  Tell them the name of your MoC and you will be directed to a real person or voicemail.  CMR’s always seems to be full – why clear your voicemail when you just have to document more comments?
This Washington Post article was just posted about making those phone calls.  They do work.  Keep on dialing.
  • CONTINUE to petition our MoCs to SAVE OUR HEALTHCARE! The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is VITAL to the health and wellbeing of women, men and children in our community, state and nation.  The House Budget Committee narrowly approved the repeal bill on Thurs, and there are still many repubs in the House who don’t think the bill goes FAR ENOUGH in its cuts, so more drama to come.  Then on to the Senate.  CMR continues to be a repub Chatty Cathy Doll – pull the string and she spews back whatever the repub overlords want her to say.  BUT keep sending those phone calls, faxes, letters.   We can hold CMR accountable for voting against the best interests of her constituents and for the best interests of the .01%.  Always remember SHE IS PUTTING CHILDREN IN HARM’S WAY by taking away health insurance and healthcare for families. 
  • There CONTINUES to be growing evidence connecting tr*mp to the Russians, so we MUST keep the heat on here. Tell Murray and Cantwell to be BOLD and to demand investigations into the Russians and to demand  tr*mp’s tax returns.  The Dems actually can do this – they just need to be BOLD and never back down. Also contact the House Intelligence Committee to demand they continue to force release of information.  Contact Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who is a ranking member; or better yet, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), committee chair.
  • Petition our MoC’s to STOP MASS DEPORTATIONS and Stand for Sanctuary.  This is real.  Flesh and Blood real.  This does NOT make us safer.  This WILL NOT bring back jobs.  This creates human suffering and is not what and who we stand for. 
Calendar of Advocacy Action Events
  • FREE SPEECH FRIDAYS” (every Friday at 4pm at the South junction of Division and Ruby near Wendy’s), 
  • FIRST AMENDMENT SATURDAY”  the first Saturday of EVERY month at NOON at the Lincoln Statue in Downtown Spokane). “We, The People” will assemble there to exercise and protect our First Amendment rights, defend democracy, and oppose the Trump Regime’s destructive agenda and policies. The goal is to encourage and empower people to be activists while encouraging Der Trump to quit.
  • “RESIST TRUMP TUESDAYS”!!!  Go to your MoC’s offices.  Make your voices heard!
  • Join for their “Ready to Resist” calls.  TODAY.  Sunday March 19. 5:00p PCT.Tonight’s call will  discuss the next phase of strategy to save our health care in light of the House vote on Trumpcare being slated to take place this week; and also learn about Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, and how we can resist his nomination.  Jeff Merkley, US Senator from Oregon will be one of the featured speakers.  He has been AWESOME in standing up to the tr*mp-bannon administration.
  • WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson to visit Gonzaga Law, Thursday, March 23, 2017 for a presentation on the State vs Trump.  4:00-5:00p.  Gonzaga Law Barbieri Courtroom on the first floor of the Law School.  This sounds like it will draw a big crowd, so plan to arrive a bit early.  
  • Turn Up the Dark!  This Earth Hour. Get LOUD about Climate Change.  Turn off your lights.  March 25th, 8:30p-9:30p Local Time.

  • Democracy School May 5-6th. Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.  Several of us attended last month. It was an intense two-day workshop showing how laws came into being, how they were/are crafted, and who they have always been designed to benefit (again, not us). It is highly recommended – like getting a degree in environmental and constitutional law – and it will not disappoint.  Fascinating and depressing at the same time, but with a glimmer of how to take action in meaningful ways.  Registration is open, but nothing is on their website yet, so email Kai Huschke at for more information.
Miscellaneous to help us with our Advocacy
  • From Jerry LeClaire – a fun way to spend a few minutes learning about our government.  Here is a really great 7 minute primer on the process of legislation.  One of its points is that few bills become law.  (As you watch contemplate what SCRUB and REINS Acts would do to the federal government’s ability to govern—it would be crippling—just what the Republicans/Libertarians would like to see.)
  • If you are interested in the BEST information regarding tr*mpcare, the AHCA, ACA, etc. then email Jerry LeClaire at and ask to be put on his email list (and ask for previous emails — you will almost get a degree in Health Policy!)
From Indivisible Seattle:
Bulletin #1 from IndivisibleGuide leaders this week: All their ACA-related resources (scripts, talking points, district-level data, and more) are now in one place: Save the ACA.
Demystifying Congress
Watching a major piece of legislation like the ACA repeal bill begin to move through the process may bring up a lot of questions for your group. Sometimes, how a bill becomes a law is a bit more complicated than what we all learned in Schoolhouse Rock! As former congressional staffers, we want to help out. Here are our the latest explainers on elements of congressional procedure, which we hope shed some light on what exactly Congress has been up to over the last few weeks. 
In Solidarity.  Every. Day.  Sylvia
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Preview YouTube video How a Bill Becomes a Law: Crash Course Government and Politics #9

How a Bill Becomes a Law: Crash Course Government and Politics #9

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