The fight for our lives

The battle against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act is a fight for our lives.

Representative Dave Reichert and his fellow Republicans are rushing through a half-baked bill to repeal the ACA. Yet the Congressional Budget Office just released an estimate that 24 million Americans stand to lose coverage under the GOP plan, while the wealthy would get a tax cut. (2)

Here in Washington, the Seattle Times reported that Southwest and Eastern Washington, two of the state’s sickest regions, would be hardest-hit by a repeal of the ACA. (1) Other vulnerable populations—the elderly, low-income families, people with disabilities—could be hit with higher insurance costs or lose health care coverage altogether.

We need to turn up the heat on Representative Dave Reichert to save our health care. Rep. Reichert, who represents east King and Pierce Counties as well as Central Washington, is a key vote in the House if the Trump administration is to repeal Obamacare. Call Rep. Reichert’s office now at (844) 478-5667 with this simple message:

“I urge you to oppose any effort to roll back the Affordable Care Act. The new Republican proposal would eliminate essential health care for thousands of your constituents. I’m counting on you to protect your constituents and vote NO. Thank you!”

Then report how your call went.

Let’s protect millions of Americans’ right to affordable, accessible health care. Call Reichert today and ask him to do the same.

Thanks for all that you do,
Jamie and the entire team at Fuse

P.S. You can find more ways to fight the Trump Administration on our new website that brings together the best actions from across the state.


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