Spokane Indivisible Group Forming


Golie Jansen asked that I post about an “Indivisible”  group forming in Spokane based upon action as described in the Indivisible Guide created by congressional staff.  The guide was shared at our last meeting and was included as a link in minutes distributed last week.

Golie writes:

We are a newly formed group whose purpose is to RESIST TRUMP’S AGENDA
by working here LOCALLY. we are following the guidelines as described
in the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE document written by some former congressional
staffers. Our goal is to PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY, which is under threat
with calls and letters to our members of congress, presence at town hall
meetings, visits to our representative’s office etc. If you contact
our Spokane Indivisible email, we will keep you informed about what is
going on and how you can participate.

See Indivisible Guide at the following link:  www.indivisibleguide.com).

If interested please contact: spokaneindivisible@yahoo.com



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