FUSE Meeting Place Changed

Hello Everyone! We had to move the location because the Library space we could get was way too small for the huge response we have gotten. The new location is the Washington Cracker Co. Building 304 W. Pacific Spokane, WA 99201. It’s where Terrain art space, Overbluff Cellars, Hogwash Whiskey den, and Inland Pacific Kitchen are all located. We will be on the first floor in the big performance space when you walk in the front door. You can’t miss us! Please spread the word!

PS The meeting place is on the floor above the whiskey den that opened last October 

New Kind of Flash Mob as Anitidote to Trumpism?

Merry Armstrong asked that I pass along an invite to meet at Bethel AME:

A new kind of flash mob for these times? We let each other know when there are important events that are antidotes to Trump-sim?
This Thursday is to meet the pastor and congregants of Bethel AME church. 6pm. Doug and I will be going and hope to see you there.


Spokane Indivisible Group Forming


Golie Jansen asked that I post about an “Indivisible”  group forming in Spokane based upon action as described in the Indivisible Guide created by congressional staff.  The guide was shared at our last meeting and was included as a link in minutes distributed last week.

Golie writes:

We are a newly formed group whose purpose is to RESIST TRUMP’S AGENDA
by working here LOCALLY. we are following the guidelines as described
in the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE document written by some former congressional
staffers. Our goal is to PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY, which is under threat
with calls and letters to our members of congress, presence at town hall
meetings, visits to our representative’s office etc. If you contact
our Spokane Indivisible email, we will keep you informed about what is
going on and how you can participate.

See Indivisible Guide at the following link:  www.indivisibleguide.com).

If interested please contact: spokaneindivisible@yahoo.com



10 Actions in 100 Days

Amy Iverson asked that the following be posted.  It is a follow up to the Women’s march and suggests that those who participated continue by committing to 10 specific actions over the next 100 days.

The first action is to send a post card to those in Congress.  Amy is hosting a post card party this coming Saturday, January 28th at her home at 7pm.  If you are interested please email her and RSVP at aaiverson@comcast.net.

Please read the following link for more details: https://www.womensmarch.com/100


Networking For Trump Resistance Groups

Michele Follger and Gary Collins would like to invite members to a “Resist Trump” community meeting at the downtown Spokane Library on January 31, from 6-7:30pm sponsored by FUSE, a statewide organization attempting to assist in networking Trump resistance groups throughout the state.
Members are attending the meeting.  Please join us.
The contact person for FUSE is Jim Dawson,  jim@fusewashington.org.

MLK Rally

Gary Collins and Yang Xu among others in our group attended the MLK rally.  Gary Collins shared,” Nice speeches by the mayor and the president of Whitworth.  CMR appeared in person later on to give a lame, empty speech; the high point of which was when people began to chant (if I remember correctly) “Save our health care!”  Some photos are attached.

Barbara Hagedorn reported that Chris Hayes showed a clip of people at the MLK rally shouting Save our Health Care, disrupting CMR’s speech and the Spokesman Review reported on the chant and reactions by the Republican party as well as the Democratic response.  See http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jan/17/spokane-county-republican-chair-calls-on-democrats/